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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by thappe


Why Local Domains are Hot

If you take a look at the direction the search results have been going in, any query that can be satisfied by a local result in Google will display a list of businesses with Google Places pages located in your nearby area. At first, the obvious queries were coming up local, i.e. restaurants and other businesses that cannot service you online. But, now we are starting to see a trend of other types of local results, even for products that can be adequately delivered online. We’d love to think a website would allow us to conquer the world with our products and services, but search results are telling us to stick to our own regions. Logically, it makes sense because there are too many websites deserving a page 1 listing to shown them as nationwide results, but they can find a place in the top of local listing results.

Given the above trend, it makes more sense than ever before to acquire a local domain name when going online. You are also more likely to find a domain that contains the niche keywords you want when you combine them with a word that reflects your local area. That might be your state, city, town or county.

Choosing a Domain Name

In the process of structuring a domain name that incorporates local keywords, you don’t want to end up with too long a domain. More than 4 keywords is excessive, so if your business keywords are limited to 2 and local keywords limited to 2, you might end up with a domain name such as carsalesroanokeny.com. When using local keywords, you are also far more likely to find a domain with a .com extension which will be more memorable than one with a different domain extension. IF you must choose a different domain extension, you can include search results for .net, .info, .org, .biz and .co.

Don’t Get Stuck On Certain Keywords

If you only have one keyword phrase in mind, you will quickly run out of domain names for sale. Rather, if you expand your keyword list by thinking of singular or plural versions of your words, synonyms or other commonly used phrases, you might find a domain that is not only available but closer to your budget. You can refer to the Google Adwords keyword tool for help finding additional keyword phrases. Be sure to look at the exact match search results rather than the broad results to get a better perspective on traffic for that specific keyword term.

Websites that pursue local keyword terms can achieve good rankings in a much shorter period of time. If your niche is competitive, this is the ideal way to be found by searchers.


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