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Published on January 5th, 2017 | by simonhopes


Managing Your Dental Practice

Being a dentist is difficult but rewarding work. The hours are sometimes long and the problems you have to solve can be difficult, but you will always be doing the work you love. Helping people improve their health, and maintain great smiles, is very rewarding. That’s why you went to dental school in the first place. You did not, however, go to dental school so that you could manage paperwork and write up a schedule. The minutiae, and day-to-day scheduling, involved in running a dental practice can occasionally be incredibly annoying. In addition to being frustrating, you might find that you are not very good at it. Managing an office is a skill, just like being a dentist is a skill. If you are not very skilled at managing your office, you may find yourself losing patience and failing to maximise your profits. Here are a few ways to keep your dental practice running smoothly.

Hire Someone to Help You

You are going to need someone to help you run your dental practice. At minimum, you will need to hire a receptionist who can answer phones and schedule patients. For a small practice that is just getting started, the employees may be only the dentist and the receptionist. Which is perfectly fine, if you are capable of handling your patient load alone. If you are not capable of doing it by yourself all the time, you might hire a dental hygienist who can also answer phones and schedule patients. With this, there is the possibility that you will run into the same problems mentioned before. Your hygienist might not be a very skilled receptionist. Finally, you will need a way for you and the receptionist to be on the same page, specifically when it comes to communicating and running the business. One of your best options to ensure this is to buy dental software designed to help you manage your office.

Managing Software

Dental office software is a way of keeping everything organised and optimised. The software you choose will be important. It should be software that allows you to form a work schedule for your employees, as well as an appointment schedule for your patients. You also need to be able to contact clients via said software. If you’ve been running your business, you know that it can be very difficult to keep in touch with patients, especially if they have an outstanding balance. Many often forget their appointments as well. If that is the case, it can throw off your entire schedule, and cut into the time for your other patients.

Your software also needs to be able to attract new patients. Growing your practice involves continually acquiring new patients. Research has found that booking patients online is one of the most efficient ways to grow your practice, but only 25% of dentists use their websites as booking portals. If you invest in software that allows you to interact with your site, and optimise your booking practices, you will be able to significantly grow your business. All of this is part of providing the best of customer service to your customers.

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