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Published on February 13th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


What Is The Best Mobile Phone For A Busy Parent?

Busy parents have a lot of multitasking to contend with. They have to get their kids ready for school, get their partner ready for work, go to work themselves and if there are elders in the house, tend to them too. Whoosh! Quite a day! The smart phone range of handsets are a great help for busy parents to help them keep track of things to-dos, important notes, meeting schedules, and reminders.

The iPhone

iPhone models are great mobile phone handsets for busy parents with no time to focus on the delicate intricacies of life. There are wonderful apps available to help them know beforehand what traffic on the way to work would be like, whether it would rain this evening, whether there is a report due at work or even an important meeting, if the local grocers’ has a coupon discount in store today, and many more. You can take pictures, have reminders set, and monitor your kid’s whereabouts with ease. The iPhone is therefore a perfect way to keep busy parents happy.

Samsung Galaxy S3

No matter what problem you’re stuck in, help is just a touch away on the Samsung Galaxy3. From apps that teach you how to deal with tantrums, to cloud computing services letting you know what is going on at work, Samsung Galaxy is a true aid. Busy parents will love the fact that the phone seems to ‘understand’ all their needs and pitches in with reminders, self-addressed notes, and schedule upgrades whenever necessary. What would life be without the Galaxy?

LG Lotus

A quirky phone with plenty to offer, the LG Lotus is a phone made for busy parents. It is fun to handle (it has a flip screen every user will love), features great email integration, and has a wonderful 8MP camera to shoot pictures and videos with. This phone can double up as a work station without any hassles at all. It is rugged and not very slim. But, its multitasking abilities can put any similar priced smart phone to shame. This smart phone is certainly a must have for every busy parent.

Blackberry Bold

When it comes to choosing the perfect handset for busy parents, the Blackberry Bold wins hands down. Not only is it a wonderful syncing device, it has email integration services that are unrivalled. No more do you need to look up your mails on the computer each time. With instant notifications, social media messaging, and cloud computing services at hand, the Blackberry Bold is a phone most busy parents would love to have with them. If your mum needs a smartphone, try giving her a Blackberry Pearl, slightly feminine but great nonetheless.

Think Long-Term

The cheapest phones are not always the best!

When you are looking to buy phones as a busy parent, look for something that satisfies your long term requirements. Make sure you are not holding back on a wonderful phone just because you didn’t want to shell out a few pounds more. A cost effective phone for the busy parent is the best deal!

Phil Turner thinks the answer to the question, “What is the best mobile phone?” has to depend on how you intend to use your phone.

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