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Published on May 31st, 2013 | by simonhopes


Modern Machines Are Using Sensors to Help Them Operate More Efficiently

Most modern businesses especially manufacturing facilities depend on machines to help them create a product or service. In most modern manufacturing facilities humans have been replaced by machines. These giant machines are full of all sorts of sensors that help the machines calculate what they are doing. Without them, the machines would never be able to function.

Creating Automation

In order to create these machines, someone has to analyse the entire manufacturing process and try to find a way to automate the process. The machines have to be able to perform the automation. They have to be able to do the job of humans unassisted.


Taking Visual Measurements

Many of the modern machines that are in factories today can see the world around them. They have electronic eyes that help them determine what is going on. These electronic eyes could be cameras, or they could just be a sensor that is counting pieces as they move through an assembly line. These electronic sensors are helping the machine do a certain process. They are an integral part of the machine and how it works.

Measuring Temperatures

There are also plenty of applications where a machine must be able to accurately take a temperature reading in order to start or stop a particular function. How does this get done? How about with the use of another sensor?

There are several very different types of temperature measuring sensors that are currently helping machines take these types of measurements. Thermostats are being used to help machines make these measurements. They help a machine sense a temperature, but they are not the only sensors that are being used in machines all over the world. There are also plenty of times when a thermocouple is being used. Just looking at the name of this sensor gives you a really good idea of what it does. It measures the difference between temperatures and produces an electric current which represents a given temperature. This can be used for both measuring and controlling temperature in many applications.

Even though these two sensors are measuring temperatures, these two sensors work very differently from each other.

Measuring Speed

There may also be machines that need to measure speed in order to function properly. They may need to measure the speed at which something is moving through the machine in order to function properly. If things are moving too fast, it can quickly cause problems later down the assembly line. If things are moving too slowly, it can cause a disruption in the flow of work. This is why measuring speed can be very important in how a machine functions.

All of these sensors have to work together if the machines of today are expected to work at all. This means that they need a central type of brain to control all of them at once. This is where computers come into the picture. Computers can monitor all of the sensors and make sure that they are doing the job that they are supposed to be doing.

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