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Published on August 30th, 2017 | by simonhopes


Modern Tech

When it comes to technology, there’s a lot going on for this most vital of human inventions. After all, tech has become integrated into nearly every aspect of our modern lives, if not every single aspect, and for good reason. After all, human beings are an evolutionary anomaly, as we have very little in the way of survival skills outside of the ability to make and use tools. Therefore, it stand to reason that, once we have conquered the natural world and have all but guaranteed ourselves safety from it, we would turn our sights on trying to engineer convenience for ourselves, and I think we’ve done a great job. Don’t you? In the span of about half a century, give or take, we went from the invention of the automobile to landing on the moon, so I’d say we pretty much nailed it. When you think about the fact that fire and the wheel were all we had going for us, we’ve truly come a long way, though it also tooks us thousands of years to accomplish this feat, which makes the rapid progression of the modern age all the more impressive.

Today, however, it can seem like we’ve done it all. After all, we carry super computers around in our pockets, for starters, and tech has integrated into just about every facet of our lives. For example, shopping is largely done online, so you can place an order with Jos. A. Bank in just a few clicks and receive it in the mail just a few days later (shout out to Amazon’s free 2 day shipping for Prime members) all without having to speak with another human being. This also prevents a lot of human error, and as they say, “to err is human.” We also tend to know the weather in advance by tracking it via satellite and using knowledge of weather patterns to predict its movements. It’s a long running joke that weather forecasters are always wrong, but this exaggeration obscures the modern marvel that is having any idea whatsoever what the weather is going to look like the future, and for up to a week in advance, no less. With the invention of smart phones and tablets, and the more recent invention of 3D printing, the mundane is starting to look like science fiction, and the future is now! However, we’ve thought we were done advancing before. There are those of us hungry for more, however, and I’m glad they are, because it seems to me like we’re destined to keep doing the impossible for the foreseeable future. See you when we get to Mars!


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