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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


The Motorola Motosmart – Small And Cheap,or Compact And Great Value

Motorola is now owned by Google and this phone is the lowest-priced produced as yet; Google and Motorola doesn’t like the word “cheapest” so I guess we should tiptoe around it. On PAYG it is available at £99, and on contract, from just £7 per month. But is it a phone that is cheap and tacky, or is it great value and an impressive all-rounder? The latest Android phones all seem to offer great value for money . . .

The Phone Specifications

The Motorola Motosmart comes with an 800MHz processor and runs Android 2.3.6. Android is constantly moving and this version is somewhat outdated. It is still a terrific platform, but many of the other phones in the market have moved on, so it is a bit puzzling why Motorola has not. At this budget price, you can’t expect everything. There has to be give and take. I just didn’t expect sacrifices to be made in the Android platform.

The Phone Appearance, Weight, and Camera

The phone is rather generic in its appearance. It is rectangular, solid-looking, and does seem a little bit more stylish than many budget phones. However, it is uninspiring, weighty for its size at 115 grams, and is unlikely to excite students or new smartphone buyers.

The camera is 3 megapixels, which is below par for today’s smartphones. The performance of the camera is indeed poor and won’t attract buyers; it will be a positive turn off in fact. It’s not enough these days to have a camera that can just take reasonable pictures. We want to take good pictures and upload them to Facebook, put them on a computer, and print them out. Many of us don’t carry a camera anymore and use our phone for this purpose. With average cameras now sporting 5 megapixel capacity, this phone is a bit of a letdown in this regard.

The battery is 1400mAh which is enough for a day of talking and rest but probably will be eaten up with extensive media use. Again, it’s probably a good idea to state that this is a budget phone and you can’t expect premium high-end performance from it.

The loudspeakers are very good, it has a solid chassis, and the SD card support really does help to make it a rounded phone.Many phones fall down on storage capacity these days but this should have plenty when you have slotted in a 32GB SD card.


This phone is a reasonable all-rounder. The poor camera really does let it down, It may be the deciding factor that means that students and others just aren’t going to want to buy it. Those who do buy it will end up with a reasonably stylish, small, and cheap phone (affordable- sorry Google), but will probably be left feeling they are missing out a little in several departments.

Phil Turner has his eye on some of the latest Android phones. He has several on his shortlist.

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