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Published on February 6th, 2013 | by toptech


What’s In a Name? The Samsung Galaxy Mini S III vs. The HTC Desire X

Buying an Android phone is at the top of a lot of people’s list of priorities when buying a new mobile device. Android’s operating system is sleek, easy to use and reliable. Plus, it’s popular, which means when it comes to downloading applications and games you get a lot of choice. Not all Android phones are created equal though, and choosing between different models can be tough. Once you’ve decided to go with Android, HTC and Samsung are probably the biggest brand names that you have to choose from, and both companies make some excellent handsets. Samsung’s Galaxy series is a super smart line of incredible looking devices, and HTC’s Desire line is a reasonably priced series of feature laden phones. In today’s comparison we pitted the Samsung Galaxy Mini S III up against the HTC Desire X, to see who came out on top. There was a clear winner, but there were also a lot of surprises along the way…

The Samsung Galaxy Mini S III: Where it Wins Out…

The Samsung had a few advantages over the Desire, but they weren’t exactly the ones we expected. Firstly, it has around thirty per cent more RAM (1024 MB versus 786 MB). This makes for a device that’s more responsive and also better able to multi-task and to handle running more than one process at a time. Its in-built camera is has the same number of mega pixels as the cam on the HTC, meaning picture quality is identical, but the Samsung’s has the advantage of shooting higher resolution video (720 x 1280, versus 720 x 480). You get a lot more internal storage on the Galaxy, which comes with 16 GB of memory, rather than the 4 GB of memory on the Desire. For you, that means you can store four times more music, videos, games and data on your device. It has an integrated compass, which doesn’t sound like a big deal until you realise that navigation and map applications use an integrated compass to know where you are and which direction you’re facing. Most of us like to use maps on our phone… Finally, it comes in a little lighter, at 11 g versus 120 g for the HTC.

The HTC Desire X: Where it Does Well…

Here is where we got an unexpected result. The category in which the Desire did better than the Galaxy was in portability. It came in ten per cent thinner and around ten per cent smaller generally than the Samsung. Given that the Samsung device is named Mini, we kind of thought that meant it would be small, but the exact opposite is true. The Desire was the smaller device…

Which One Should I Buy?

The winner is obviously the Galaxy Mini S III. Particularly given the extra storage space, it’s just a better buy, and the phones are similarly priced. The HTC Desire X isn’t a bad phone by any means, but the storage options and the extra RAM just make the Samsung a better deal in the end.

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