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Published on January 12th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Should You Get a Pre-Pay Phone?

Mobile phones are one of the best technological innovations of our generation. The choice of a mobile phone varies among all groups of people according to their status and taste. People often tend to find it difficult to select a personal handset from a number of models available in the market. As these electronic gadgets fulfil our business and social needs, mobiles have become a highly prized accessory. Many don’t feel at ease using their personal mobile phones due to the cost.

Mobiles have not just changed the entire communication process, but also have provided us with a plethora of options to choose from. To meet the ever increasing demands from users, leading manufacturers and network service providers have come up with some attractive offers.

Advantages of Pre-Pay

Pay as you go or pre-paid mobile phones have steadily gained popularity over the years. These prepaid phones are very beneficial for users as they come with attractive offers. As a user you can keep your monthly bills in check with the help of a pre-paid connection. All you have to do is to select a reliable network service provider and sign up. Your mobile phone credit can be recharged anywhere and anytime.

The offers provided by the service providers are very attractive for teenagers and college students. A long term mobile phone contract is in most cases expensive and unsuitable. With the latest pre-paid mobile phone plans, the users can use their handsets to meet all their needs at reasonable rates. These pre-paid plans may be suitable for people who have a limited budget for their monthly bills.

The main difference between a pre-paid plan and a contract phone is that in the former the user has to pay in advance but in the latter one has to pay after using the services. You can easily recharge your mobile after using the entire credit amount; you can also top-up your credit when it is running low. You will get recharging instructions in your recharge card that will tell you how to add the credit to your account. Each network provider has a different way of topping up credit. Getting your credit topped up is really easy.

Take Control of Your Bill

The main reason behind the popularity of pay as you go phones is the amount of control they give to the user. As a user you can do many things with these mobiles like capturing beautiful images, using multimedia message options apart from sending and receiving messages. These handsets also come in with advanced connectivity options like GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth. Unlike other plans, pre-paid plans can meet the needs of people who do not make large scale use of mobiles like teenagers, students and homemakers.

Buying Options

You can buy pay as you go handsets from the high street or even online. The stores have many attractive offers and schemes to consumers which makes them the most viable option. Flexibility

Unlike other types of phones you don’t have to stick to a single network service provider for a year or more. You can discontinue the services at any point of time. With these types of handsets, owning a mobile phone will become an enjoyable experience for youngsters without the worry of a big monthly bill,

Phil Turner knows that iPhone 4 pay as you go phones are expensive to buy, but he has been given one on which the contract has expired.

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