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Published on February 11th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


The Pros And Cons Of Updating Your Mobile Phone

I am a conservative. I love my old phone. It is not a smart phone but is exactly what I want: A mobile phone! I use it to call my friends and they use it to contact me. I can text them, but I can’t check social media on it. That doesn’t bother me. I am online too much at home anyway. That doesn’t stop the amusement of my colleagues who regularly ask when I am going to upgrade my phone? It’s a good question!

What is the Benefit of Updating Your Mobile Phone Regularly?

As modern consumers, we are increasingly reliant on our mobile phones. We use them for everything from banking to navigating our way to a business meeting. They are no longer solely the means we use to communicate with our loved ones.

Whilst it is possible to do all these things on multiple appliances, today’s smart phone offers us the benefit of everything we need in a hand held device that we can carry in our bags. Recognizing the potential of the smart phone technology, all major software developers are optimising their products to work best on the small screens of the mobile user market.

To take advantage of these software upgrades requires smart phone technology and with each new model version upgrade, more features are unlocked creating literally, “the world at your fingertips.” My ancient mobile phone limits my access to these new features, but so do many of the not so old smart phone handsets. The rapid nature of mobile phone technology development means a two-year-old smart phone is itself limited in how many of these features it can access.

The issue of why should I upgrade my mobile phone is more correctly “when should I upgrade.” Even those of us who are lovingly hooked on our simple basic mobile phone recognize that someday we will need to drop the resistance and find a phone that satisfies our desire for simplicity, whilst providing the benefits of a mobile desk in our handbag.

When Should You Upgrade Your Mobile Phone

Many people choose to upgrade their phone regularly with each model release, but others wait a couple of years and pay a cheaper price for year old technology.  When considering an upgrade, it’s worth asking:

  • Does it need upgrading due to wear and tear? Are screen cracks making it difficult to read?
  • Do you want to access features not available on your current phone?
  • Is the battery life on the new phone adequate for your needs?
  • Are you able to see the screen and access the features easily?
  • Does your Telco provide you with a new phone upgrade option? Does your existing plan work on the phone you would like to purchase?

As you answer these questions, you may be surprised at how quickly you, like me, can be persuaded to finally make the decision to part with the old and embrace the new.

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Carol Groves is a freelance writer living in Australia who loves her old mobile phone. She relies on if for work and for keeping in touch with her family and friends throughout the world.  She is currently searching the pages of for a Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB Blue Phone.

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