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Published on February 10th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


A Review Of The Blackberry Curve 9320

The Blackberry Curve 9320 is available both on contract and Pay as You Go (PAYG). It is available in classy blue, warm pink, vivid violet black and white. Its appearance is typically Blackberry and it is a nice looking phone. Let’s look at some of the main features of the phone and find out more about it.

Social Networking


Many users love the fact that this Blackberry benefits from a QWERTY keyboard. The physical keyboard makes it easy to type messages, no matter how long. Social networking is fast and simple with the ability to send message and pictures through the Blackberry Messaging System (BBMTM). There is even a specific “quick button” to get going with BBM. The Social Feeds application makes it easy to see what is going on with your friends on twitter and Facebook so you are never out of the loop.


Taking Pictures


The Blackberry Curve 9320 boasts a 3.2 MP camera with a flash. It also has 4 X digital zoom. The picture quality is good, although not up on par with some of the high end phones on the market with 5, 8 and even 13 MP cameras. When you need to take a picture fast you can just hit the dedicated camera key to get going.




The handset has an MP3 player. This allows you to listen to music and podcasts as you travel or lounge. It also features FM radio and there are great applications such as Tuneln Radio and Nobex Radio Companion to make the entertainment experience even more functional and enjoyable. Of course you can also record and play video on the phone.


Internet and Browsing


The Curve 9320 comes with 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi. The browser is powerful and provides users with the capacity for multiple tab browsing and speedy page loads. The internet experience is a sold one.



The phone incorporates rich media graphics, a fast processor and a strong and long lasting battery. These combine to make this a great phone for those who enjoy their games. BBM enables phone owners to chat and play in a community and share scores for bragging rights. It is also possible to wirelessly connect with TVs and games consoles for music, photo and game sharing.



Although this phone perhaps lacks the glitz and glamour of some other phones in its price bracket it is a solid competitor in the space. It benefits from good usability as a business phone to compliment its capacity as a personal phone. It is therefore a good dual-purpose phone at a very reasonable price. Some of the best pay as you go tariffs are available on this phone. Lovers of Blackberry will find it a good example of a strong-performing Blackberry phone.

2013 will be an important year for Blackberry as they fight for a larger slice of the personal user smartphone market. The space is so cluttered, with quality companies producing ever more innovative offerings. The fight is on.

Phil Turner is looking for the best pay as you go tariff for a basic smartphone for himself.

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