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Published on February 20th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


The Samsung B2710 – The World’s Toughest Mobile Phone?


Some people are fine with their smart phones. They can email, get the weather forecast and get driving directions to the nearest shopping centre. However, these people probably wear suits every day and have clean finger nails. If you like to live on the wild side, you’re going to need something a wee bit tougher than your average smart phone with its glass like fragile touch screen. But there are phones out there for you. Whether you like to go rock climbing, hike into the wilderness, or just work in a dangerous area like a building site, there are tough phones designed to let you have the constant communication that you want whilst still being able to keep a knife in your pocket. The Samsung B2710 is one of the toughest phones on the market. But what exactly should you expect from this rugged little work horse?

You Don’t Need to Keep it Clean…

The Samsung is perfect for those of us that are prone to more than a few accidents. It’s IP67 certified, meaning that it’s almost completely protected from dust and water too. You can literally bury this device in the sand without a problem. As for water, it’s obviously splash proof. But that’s not enough. You can submerse the device completely up to one metre in depth, and the phone will operate under water for up to thirty minutes.

It’s Everything Proof…

This phone is purely designed to be rugged. It has full shock proof capabilities, meaning a drop or even a throw isn’t going to bother it in the slightest. Plus, the screen has been designed to 4H hardness, meaning that it’s practically scratch proof. Dropping it on a rock isn’t even going to leave a dent, let alone a scratch on your precious screen.

What Else Has it Got?

What hasn’t it got? It’s equipped with full GPS capabilities, A-GPS support, meaning that you’ll never get lost, no matter where you are. And wherever you are, you can take pictures with the in-built 2 MP camera, or even shoot video with the video record setting. There’s an in built FM radio, just in case you get bored (not that you would, but if you’re stuck up a mountain then you might want some company). It has a full Internet browser, and supports SMS, MMS, Email and IM messaging systems, meaning that you’ll never be out of touch again. It has 30 MB of internal memory, plus an SD slot for additional external memory. As for battery life, it’s pretty much as good as it gets. In standby it has a battery life of around six hundred hours, and it has a talk time of nineteen hours per battery charge cycle, so you’re not going to run out of juice in a hurry. It’s a convenient twelve by five centimetre device, so it’s easily carried. And it weighs in at just 115 g. All in all, the Samsung B2710 is all that you could ask for in a tough phone and more.

Phil Turner told the guy in the phone shop that he wanted a tough phone so the guy brought out one of these…

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