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Published on February 6th, 2013 | by toptech


Using The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 For Business

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and to a lesser extent its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note, have been a boon to business executives who wish to take fast notes on the go and improve their business performance throughout the day.

The largest benefit to using the Note smartphones has been the introduction of pen computing with the use of the S-Pen stylus. This comes full circle from the days of Palm PDAs with the supplied stylus to now when the stylus was reintroduced by Samsung as a useful tool. Despite initial doubters, purchasers of either Note smartphone found the stylus to be extremely useful after all and later felt they could not do without it.

Note Taking

The days of Post-It notes or little scraps of paper with details scrawled on them, only to lose the note or have the pen leak on an item of clothing, are happily coming to an end. In its place, for Note owners, is the fast and simple ability to jot down notes. When you remove the stylus from its slot, a little notepad app automatically pops onto the screen to assist you. You can then make an S Note.

There is the option whether your handwritten note will display your (hopefully) legible scrawl or convert the handwriting into print for you instead. This adds a nice element of personalisation. As you write, there are suggested words that come up and you can choose those to complete the word when you are converting all of your writing to the printed word.

There is also several options connected to the S-Pen functionality, like alerts if you move your phone but the S-Pen has not been put back into the S-Pen slot in the phone (so you do not lose it) or to prevent the pop-up S-Note showing each time when you remove the stylus.

Writing on Pictures

It is possible with the Note 2 to write directly on to photos and other imagery to record extra information quickly. It is a simple matter to take a photo of something in a store that you think would make a good purchase for the business and then add some notes, while thinking of them, directly on the snapshot.

When digitising things like business cards by taking a photo of them, one can write extra contact details, update the information if the person moves office or changes contact number, without the need to get a new business card from the contact.

Document Signing

With the S-Pen and third party apps like SignDoc Mobile, it is possible to sign electronic documents and then send them back to your business contact. Time stamped photos can be included, along with the signature, to confirm identities and when the document was actually signed.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 1 and 2 have been beneficial to businesspeople as a tool they can use with their business organisation. Everything from note taking, contact information tracking, task management and prompt communication have all been improved using the S-Pen abilities. The addition of a large smartphone screen has helped to make Internet communications practical on a mobile footprint.

Peter Miles likes to check out new apps to try on his trusty iPhone 4 .

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