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Published on February 10th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Samsung Galaxy SIII Red – All About Hardware

In the past few years, Samsung has seen a lot of success in the mobile phone industry, especially when you consider what they’ve done in their line of Galaxy phones. Their newest, the SIII, has received rave reviews, and for pretty good reason. For one thing – it’s a phone that seems to meet the demands of people who were generally looking to an alternative for the iPhone. If anything, it has seemed to meet those expectations, and a lot of that has to do with the hardware that the phone possesses.

For anyone who is truly interested in smartphones, hardware is probably only second to the way that the phone looks and feels. But, for some, hardware is absolutely everything, and it’s always important to consider what Samsung has done to keep themselves ahead of the curve.

Here, we’ll talk about the hardware, and why the Samsung Galaxy SIII has people pretty impressed.


In a few words, the SIII is all about speed. The sheer horsepower is a pretty big talking point for people who are proponents of the device. The phone possesses a quad-core Samsung Ezxynos 4212 Quad processor. This processor is based on ARM’s Cortex A9 architecture. For many, this has proved to be a pretty good decision, as the phone feels pretty fast, and apps load as one would expect. The interface also zips around, which is absolutely critical for smartphones. In short, if it doesn’t – reviewers will pan the device and tell you to skip it.

However, this doesn’t make this the perfect device in terms of hardware. When you’re using it, you can’t help but to notice that there’s a lag to the whole thing. While it doesn’t make it a deal-breaker, the apps don’t actually load immediately, in contrast to the iPhone and other comparable smartphones. They may not actually be faster, but they absolutely feel a bit faster than what you’ll find on the Galaxy SIII.

Call Quality and Internet

There certainly is a lot of emphasis put on the bells and whistles of many mobile phones on the market, and with that being the case, the core duties of the phone can actually get lost in the shuffle. In any event, in terms of call quality, the S3 isn’t one that disappoints. Both transmitted and received audio hold a pretty high standard. The signal strength is pretty good, though this is something that may be debated, as it’s a variable factor. The same can be said about the Internet to a degree, though it’s worth noting that Flash-supported sites load well and they don’t slow down the phone very much.

In terms of performance and hardware, it’s important to hold the SIII in pretty high regard. It’s something that can work pretty well for people who are looking for a pretty good mobile phone that isn’t made by Apple. Also, with attractive pricing options, one won’t have to break the bank to get their hands on one.

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