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Published on May 17th, 2013 | by MadysonGrant


Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe: Six Apps That Will Help You Sleep at Night

Keep it Secret Keep it Safe Six Apps That Will Help You Sleep at NightToday’s smartphones are for so much more than merely engaging in phone calls and text messaging. There are essentially apps for every category under the sun that can be downloaded, whether you own an Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry device. One of the most important app categories involves ensuring your personal safety. There are a few that are excellent for keeping safe when you are at home that can help you to sleep better at night.

Real Alert

• Real Alert costs $1.99 at the iTunes App Store. It is available for iPhone and Android and is ideal for any emergency situation. The app works by staying alert of your immediate surroundings and brings you quick access to emergency services. You can also be directed to the nearest hospital. There is a feature within the app called “Alarm,” a flashlight, a button entitled “Call 911” and more that features will help you to feel safe.


• bSafe – Personal Safety Alarm is free and available for Android smartphones through Google Play. The app is excellent for ensuring your personal safety, whether you are out late at night alone or if you are at home. With it, you can set up a safety network of family members and friends who will be notified in case you have an emergency. All that is needed is to push a red SOS button to call or text them.

Scream Alarm!

• Scream Alarm! is a great free alarm safety app that makes your smartphone literally scream with a loud female voice. It is ideal for when you are returning home late at night and feel threatened as it can draw attention and scare off a potential intruder or someone following you.

• is free for both iPhone and Android smartphones and works together with your account and home security system to monitor and essentially automate your home. You can also control things within your house with it, even if you are out.


• SafeTREC is a free app that allows you to instantly connect to 911 in the event of an emergency, alert family and friends instantly via phone call, text or email and connect to your local emergency center for help. You can immediate get help when you need it. There are panic button alerts included within the app, and signing up for your SafeTREC account is fast and easy.

Emergency Live Tracker

• Emergency Live Tracker is $1.99 and is great for a variety of emergencies, including those that occur at home. With it, you can send alert messages via text or email to family and friends to let them know of your condition, situation and location.

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