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Published on February 13th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


What Should I Think About Before Signing A Contract For My IPhone?

Getting a new phone is a pretty big deal. We all like to have some new tech to play with, and to impress people with too. However, before you go out and sign a new i Phone contract, there are a few things that you might want to keep in mind. Not every contract is for every person, and signing the wrong contract could mean that you end up losing money. So what are the things that you need to think about before signing? Read on, and we’ll tell you…

Length of Contract…

The standard length of contract nowadays is twenty four months. However, many companies will also offer twelve month contracts. These twelve month contracts will often have a higher monthly fee than the two year contracts. However, when you take into account the length of time that you’re paying rather than just the monthly amount, a twelve month contract may end up saving you money. That depends on the company and on the plan, but don’t forget to take it into consideration. Plus, a twelve month contract will let you switch companies sooner, or switch to a PAYG plan more quickly, which could also save you money.

Calling Minutes…

Many plans contain calling minutes; lots of calling minutes. This is because the calling minutes don’t actually cost the phone company much, if anything therefore they’re something that the company can easily give away. But calling minutes are no good to you if you don’t actually use them. A 500 minute a month plan isn’t a great deal if you never make calls, preferring instead to text. Rather than taking those extra minutes, see which other add-ons the company can offer, you might be better off with more free text messages.

Internet Data…

This is a biggie. Internet data costs can get very expensive, and your iPhone isn’t much good without its internet connection. Many companies offer “unlimited” data plans, but it’s not often that these plans are actually unlimited. Check the terms and conditions very carefully, more often than not the plan is only unlimited in that it won’t make you pay more per month, but it can cut off or slow down your connection so much that it’s not worth using. At the very least you want an unlimited plan, don’t agree to a capped plan, as it could well leave you with some hefty charges added onto your monthly bill for going over your limit.

Up Fronts…

Upfront costs can seem like a bit of a pain when you’re paying them. However, the bigger the upfront payment you make, the less your monthly bill is going to be, and the less interest you’ll pay. In general, the more you pay at the beginning of your contract the less the contract is going to cost you over all. It might seem tough to shell out a couple of hundred pounds right now, but remember that that means it’s money that won’t crop up on your bills later.

Phil Turner has looked into i phone contracts for his two daughters because they want him to co-sign their contracts.

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