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Published on February 6th, 2013 | by toptech


Keep It Simple When Choosing A Phone System

Even though getting a phone system sounds so simple in theory, it turns out to be a nightmare when you finally get around to doing it. With so many suppliers, models, features and technology available, it’s easier for some to just close their eyes, pick one and hope for the best. If you are having trouble upgrading or getting a new system, the rule is to keep it simple. Remove all the information overload from your brain and focus on the simple things.

Number of outside lines

How many people are going to need outside lines? After figuring that out, count the number of extensions that you need for modems, fax machines, credit card terminals and other devices. If you have less than 10 people in your office, lucky you. You can just get an off-the-shelf system. These are very affordable and easy to install. If you have 40 or more, it’s time to consider getting a PBX. Because technology is so advanced now, you can get a PBX for the price of a small business system.  

You should also take into consideration the equipment that you already have. They should be compatible with the system you are looking to buy.


If you see growth in your future, better prepare for that. You also need to be aware of the changes that may come in your company and how they will affect your requirements for a phone system. Remember that planning for the future is always a good strategy in any company, whether big or small. Consider getting an expandable system if you plan to add staff or add another office.

On a budget?

Why not rent a system or buy a second hand one? Check out companies that sell refurbished phone systems. This is a good way to save money and check if a system is right for you. This is great for start up companies that need to save money on every aspect of their business.


If you are really looking to save money, consider getting a VoIP system. Your calls are made over the Internet. Local calls are usually free while international calls are super affordable. VoIP systems nowadays are already loaded with features that any type of business can use. This system is great for multi-office companies and businesses that need to transact with other businesses all over the world.

Time your purchase right

Look out for sales and promotions. Usually at the end of the quarter, there are so many bargains around as companies are trying to hit their quotas. You can usually ask for free upgrades and customize an affordable system for your company during this time.

Customer support

As the phone system is the heart of your business, you need to find a good company that has a reliable customer support system. Before signing a contract, make sure that you understand their policies on maintenance and support. Some companies charge extra for this service while others have this already included in the package.

Try to relax when looking for a phone system. Ask help from the suppliers and ask questions when needed.


My name is Ian G. I am a self-confessed geek and techie blogger. I have a website about PBX.

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