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Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Small Should Be Small… The HTC Droid DNA Vs. The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

Buying a new cell phone can be a confusing decision, there are so many devices on the market nowadays that choosing between them can be a nightmare. Particularly when some of those phones don’t exactly do what’s advertised on the package. Even choosing a manufacturer can be difficult, with so many companies getting good reputations for selling quality products. Samsung has long been renowned for producing quality, reliability and attractiveness too. On the other hand, HTC is somewhat of a new man in town, though they have worked hard in recent years to garner a good reputation. We wanted to see how these two companies held up to each other. So we took the HTC Droid DNA, a high end Android device, and pitted against Samsung’s Galaxy Mini 2, a not so high end device. You may think that this is unfair, but we thought that we could prove the point that sometimes small is good. However, things did not turn out the way we expected…

Why the Droid DNA is Awesome…

Okay, as you may expect the top of the line phone came with some pretty awesome specs. For starters, it’s way faster. The Droid runs a 1500 MHz processor versus the 800 MHz on the Samsung, making is faster, more powerful and far more responsive. It also has four times more RAM than the Samsung (2 MB versus 0.524 MB), which helps with the responsiveness and also makes the phone better suited to multi-tasking and running multiple processes at the same time. Plus, it has four times more internal storage (16 GB compared to 4 GB), meaning that you can store way more data, pictures and music on the Droid. The screen is far larger (five inches versus the 3.3 inches on the Samsung), but the Samsung is called a Mini phone, so that seems to make sense. But that screen has thirteen times higher resolution and two and a half times more PPI (pixels per inch), resulting in a clearer, cleaner, brighter display that’s really noticeable. The in-built camera is 8 MP compared to the mere 3 MP on the Samsung, plus it shoots movies in full HD. All of this makes for a pretty great phone…

Why the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 isn’t Awesome…

Okay, here’s where we thought we were going to make a point about size and portability. However, we find that we really can’t. You see, for a phone that’s marketed as a Mini model, you might expect that what you lack in processing power you make up for by having an ultra-small device that may not be incredibly powerful, but is extremely portable. As it turns out though, the Galaxy Mini is a mere twenty per cent smaller than the Droid. Which is hardly a size difference at all, never mind a size difference that would make up for the extreme lack of features on the Mini 2.

What We Learnt…

The days of small phones are over. Sure, we used to want the smallest device we could lay our hands on. But nowadays, mostly because we’re looking for fast and powerful phones as well as big screens to read our emails on, we need a device that’s a sensible size. The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 just isn’t worth investing in. Don’t be fooled into thinking that small means efficient, it really doesn’t. The HTC Droid DNA is a million times better than the Galaxy Mini 2.

Phil Turner is has been given a Samsung Galaxy handset and is looking for a decent sim-only contract to use it on.

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