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Published on February 13th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Smartphone Trends For 2013

The smartphone market has seen unprecedented take-up in the last few years. The idea that you can remain almost permanently connected to the internet via a smartphone is something that the public have decided they want and as a result millions of handsets have been sold. For the manufacturers, keeping up sales figures is always going to be an important issue. The main tool that they use for this is to invent new ways of basically presenting the same thing. Adding a few features and adapting some others and then releasing a new model creates a desire for the new handset and promotes continual sales growth. 2013 is not going to be any different and already the rumours of new trends in smartphone technology are spreading across the internet to create a new buzz and a new desire for the next big thing in smartphone technology. So what have they got lined up for us this year to tempt us to bin last year’s handset and go for the shiny new model?

Small Smartphones are so Yesterday

Apparently the focus is going to go onto screen size this year with the main manufacturers rushing to bring out the 5” screen smartphone models. In general, the optimum size for a smartphone screen has been considered to be 3.5”. This means that the smartphone screen is readable and also that the size of the handset can be constrained.

However, screen technology is still one of the areas where the boundaries can be pushed. The ultimate will be a full hd 1080 p screen packed into a smartphone and this is where the industry is headed. In order to do this the screens need to become larger. Recently screen manufacturing giant Japan Display announced that they are starting mass production of a 5” 1080p display screen destined for the future generation of high-end smartphones.

Some people are predicting that there will be an increasing trend towards convergence of the smartphone and the tablet PC. All of this indicates that packing as much technology as possible into as small a space as possible is definitely a thing of the past. (At least as far as 2013 is concerned)

2013 smartphones to pack 3GB of RAM?

Samsung is another company that like to keep the buzz going and there have been some leaked pictures around the web of a couple of test devices with a 3GB RAM sticker on them. The question to ask is whether any smartphone will ever need that much RAM? The answer at the moment is no – of course we don’t need that much RAM in a Smartphone. So is this merely yet another marketing exercise aimed at selling more units or will the manufacturers really be able to continue to develop smartphones to the point where they can use that much ram? Only time will tell on that one.

Son this is what we can expect from the smartphone industry in this coming year. Increased screen size and readability, higher quality playback of our digital video files and bigger smartphones bursting with RAM

Eric Underhill likes to switch between iphone deals to keep his costs down but is reluctant to spend out on a new handset every time a new model comes out

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