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The Sonos Soundbar Inspired Entertainment System

The Sonos Soundbar Inspired Entertainment System

Sonos has quickly taken its place as an innovative maker of quality audio devices that can fill a room with high-fidelity sound. Their speakers not only sound amazing but they possess elegant, compact designs.

The Sonos Soundbar has earned many positive reviews from top electronics websites. It’s the perfect audio component in an entertainment system, providing rich, simulated surround sound. Anyone looking for a realistic cinema experience won’t be disappointed. All that’s left to do is to bring the popcorn and soda. Sonos as a brand have become the must-have wireless audio speaker system. The Soundbar by Sonos looks to continue the trend which the Sonos Play 3 started. Wires are so old-school now, if you don’t have a wireless sound system then your setup is simply going to look outdated.

When putting together the ideal entertainment system, a few factors have to be researched. A television with a large screen, and great clarity, has to be paired with a superior playback device. Purchase a blu-ray player and hook it up to an HDTV with a good quality HDMI cable, and cinema night can begin. There’s still something missing though. A great entertainment system needs great sound. While high-definition televisions provide an amazing picture, they don’t always have the best sound. In fact, some televisions have positively weedy sound.

This is where the Sonos Soundbar comes in. Not only will it play the sound of your movies with amazing depth and clarity, but you’ll also be popular with your family due to the few cables involved.

The engineers at Sonos have packed nine speakers into the Soundbar. That’s three tweeters and six mid-range speakers, all independently powered for sound that will flood a room with powerful Dolby surround sound.

It takes minutes to set up the Sonos Soundbar. Add an extra minute or two to set up the many wireless features. You can quickly access thousands of online radio stations, Pandora, Rhapsody and more.

This is the ideal component for a powerful and compact system. There won’t be a tangle of cables to trip over, and you can sit back and listen to Dolby and DTS soundtracks from your latest blu-ray.

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