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Published on February 15th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Ten Smartphone Apps That Will Sharpen Your Mind

One fun benefit of owning a smartphone is that you can download a huge number of apps that challenge your mind and hone your cognitive skills. Read on to learn about ten smartphone apps that will be most effective at sharpening your mind.

1) HowStuffWorks:
This app gives you access to thousands of articles, audio lectures and exciting videos that teach you about a wide range of subjects. You can learn about everything from important historical figures to the intricacies of complex technologies. There are also challenging quizzes that will measure your general knowledge (and measure your expertise in some of your favorite subject areas).
2) Brain Bomb:
The creators of the Brain Bomb app claim that just 1% of the world’s population can solve their brain trainer exercises. There are 180, and each different exercise tests a different mental faculty. For example, some are focused on your memory, while others measure the accuracy and speed of your judgment.

3) SimplePhysics:
When you use the SimplePhysics app to design structures on your smartphone, you will attempt to figure out how to create a solid foundation and compensate for weather and weight. In so doing, you will learn about engineering and see the laws of physics in action. When a structure collapses, you can watch it in slow motion to help yourself figure out what went wrong.

4) Inspiro:
If you are interested in creative writing, downloading Inspiro onto your smartphone could be an excellent way to counteract a troubling case of writer’s block. The app challenges you to expand on randomly generated scenarios and encourages you to find inspiration in the conceptual phrases that it displays.

5) Today in History:
If you use this smartphone app for a few minutes every day, you will have a chance to absorb vast amounts of interesting trivia about historical events and defining moments from the past.

6) Geography Champion:
Geography Champion tests your knowledge of the world around you by asking you tough questions about the locations of cities and landmarks. There are eight rounds of increasing difficulty, so when you finally beat Geography Champion you will have been exposed to a huge amount of information about important locations in a wide range of countries.

7) NY Times Crosswords:
These difficult and fun crossword puzzles sharpen your mind in a traditional but effective way, and the option to compare your scores to those of other players helps to keep you motivated.

8) Lumosity Brain Trainer:
This intriguing app was designed by some of the world’s top neuroscientists. It provides you with ten different games that claim to improve your problem solving abilities as well as your attention span. These games are addictive as well as extremely good for your brain.

9) PowerVocab:
This smartphone app tests your knowledge of the meanings of a wide range of difficult words, improving your vocabulary and strengthening your memory at the same time.

10) Mathemagics:
With Mathemagics, you can train your mind to perform arithmetic calculations more reliably and at a faster rate. This app offers engaging exercises and games that revive the skills you learned in school and help you to improve your brain’s ability to work with numbers.

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