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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Is Text Messaging Better Than Calling People?

According to a recent survey, around one-third of men prefer texting to talking. In fact, CNN reports that ‘since texting made its debut in the early 1990s, people rarely talk to each other’. Texting is better than calling which is a common feeling by teenagers and students who send out on average close to 188 text messages a day, as opposed to the barely 20 calls they make every week. Why is calling people, as an institution, failing? Could it be because Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and Orange mobile phone deals encourage texting because it makes the company more profits?

Automatically Limited

Texting is specific and limited, whereas calls can drag on for hours. When you text a person, you usually refrain from delving into things too deeply and just talk about what you wanted to talk about. But then, when you talk on the phone, there is a conversation and another and another, till both of you glance at the clock and decide to end it all. In these cases, texting is definitely better than talking since you are saving a lot of time and call costs.

More Private

Sometimes you are in public places and cannot talk intimately. Almost every intimate conversation is carried out through text messages. Moreover, it is tough to talk to a person comfortably when you are in a crowded place and everyone has ears on you. Sometimes, you may be in libraries or other places where loud talking isn’t appreciated at all. At these times, a text is far better than a call. Texting also works when the person you are texting is busy or in a meeting and cannot respond to calls.

Automatic Record

Texting details to a person make for easy ways of saving them. Say you are talking to your parents about a person and need to forward numbers and addresses. If you are on the phone, you’d probably have to fidget with the handset until your parents run around a house for a paper and pen to note down the details. However, if you choose to text someone, the details are already in writing. All the receiver has to do is save the message and the job is done.

Easier for Introverts

Texting is better than calling someone in certain situations. People, especially those that are shy or socially inept, cannot bring themselves to talk and have conversations with people. But they surprisingly make for very good ‘texters’. For those that are introverts and not open enough in public, messaging and social media through smart phones is a great way to remain social and friendly with people. Also, at times, conveying a bad news, an unpleasantly update, or saying sorry is better done through texting than calling the person. However, there are an awful lot of people who are known to break relationships through text messages, which mustn’t be encouraged.

But Long-Term . . .

Texting is certainly better than calling, but only if used for a short term purpose, like the ones stated above. You should never replace calls with texts, especially while keeping in touch with family and close friends. Use texting but make sure you place calls to your contacts as well. This way, strive to maintain a healthy balance between calling and texting and you’ll have a great time.

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