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Published on April 15th, 2015 | by simonhopes


The Top Technology Careers For Gadget Lovers

The technology industry is one of the most desirable sectors to work in, particularly for the younger generation who has grown up surrounded by gadgets and the Internet. Having spent hours on their mobile phones or sat playing games or browsing the web on their computers they are able to offer potential employers a range of assets that they’ve developed using the time many have criticized them for wasting away rather than being outside, studying or socializing.


Over the years spending so much time on their computers and mobile devices has put them into a prime position when it comes to applying for certain positions and that in turn has helped to boost a number of industries in terms of their popularity – prompting more companies to follow suit and establish a company in a ‘hot’ niche.

The SEO – search engine optimisation – sector is just one of those industries that has benefited from the digital generation and their passions for tech. They are bringing the skills they have learned about content creation, link building, coding and other aspects of the industry into roles where they can flourish immediately rather than having to be trained up at great time and expense to the company.

To be a successful business, SEO is proving to be more and more important and many now invest in the help of specialist agencies rather than spending their budget on traditional marketing. Incorporating various content creation techniques and PR into the plan, along with ‘cleaning up’ the site as a whole can have numerous benefits including increased sales, traffic and social followers.

Another popular career is in IT sales. Lots of companies offering products and services based around computers and systems are bringing salespeople into the company to try and boost their reach. In the past they would hire people with years of experience in the industry but today, thanks to the skills available in the younger applicants, IT sales recruitment companies are finding candidates who are much younger and with much less workplace experience that can offer something a bit ‘different.’

This, coupled with their passion for and knowledge of technology is helping companies to find new customers locally, nationally and even internationally.

Web design and development is also one of the most popular industries with the more creative and technical people using their skills to design websites according to individual specifications to help businesses and individuals to develop a site they can be proud of.

The website is now as effective as a physical shop or office with potential customers going online to find out information before doing anything else. This means the website needs to make the important first impression we all know about. Having spent hours designing their own websites or doing projects at school or college, there are some highly talented designers and developers out there being snapped up by small and large companies across the tech sector.

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