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Published on February 13th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Top 5 iPhone Apps for Working Parents

For many of today’s busy families, smart phones are an essential fact of life. And while reaching for their iPhone to text, make calls, take pictures or check the calendar quickly becomes second nature to harried parents, not all of them realize that there are plenty of tools on their phone that can actually make their lives easier. Need help getting organized, designing kid friendly meals, finding bargains and more? There’s an app for that… Dinner Spinner

All Recipes has long been a favored website for creating family friendly meals. The iPhone app takes that idea a step further, putting recipes, reviews, and ingredients right at your fingertips. You can even add ingredients straight to a grocery list, making shopping trips a breeze. And with the “spinner” feature, you can come up with dozens of recipes for things you already have on hand, making feeding even the pickiest little eaters that much easier.

Family Organizer

From soccer practice and hockey tryouts to orthodontist appointments and date night, it can often seem like a busy family’s calendar is unmanageable. Keep track of everything your clan has going on with the Family Organizer app. Not only does this one application synch all of your activities and appointments so that everyone is working off the same master plan, but it is also a great way to keep lists and important information at your fingertips. You can even synch up with your baby sitter or grandparents to keep everyone in the loop.

Mom Maps

Take advantage of your iPhone’s Location Services setting with Mom Maps. This easy to use application quickly gives you a list of kid-friendly restaurants, parks, amusement parks, playgrounds and other activities near you. Keep your kids entertained, healthy and active, no matter where you are.


Coupons are a family budget’s best friend. But taking the time to clip and organize them – not to mention staying on top of taking your coupon stash every time you leave the house – can get to be quite the hassle. Peekaboo finds coupons, sales, and discounts near you at any time, making finding an affordable haircut, toy, or restaurant quick and easy.

Web MD

What parent couldn’t use a plethora of first aid information at their fingertips? Not only does the Web MD app give you emergency information in an instant, it can also give you an idea of when to give the pediatrician a call. And while no app can replace a real doctor’s office, hypochondria prone new parents will appreciate the symptom checker immensely.

Veronika Lazabal the author of this article has quite a few if not all of the top 10 iphone apps on her mobile.

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