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Published on February 16th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Top Pick Mobile Phones Available On The Market Today

This list may soon be slightly out-of-date, but it provides a view of 4 of the best phones available on the market towards the end of 2012 and early 2013. These phones are crackers. New handsetscoming to the market really must innovate and create in order to improve on these devices.

Samsung Galaxy S3

The first one we’ll look at is the Samsung Galaxy S3. This phone is extremely intuitive. It is able to listen and respond to the needs of its user and personalise to the individual’s wants and desires. It has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED high definition touch screen. This provides amazing vibrant pictures and is excellent for media and entertainment. Streaming high definition movies is a real joy on this device. The 8 megapixel camera provides superb clarity of image and the video recording is high definition and very good too. The phone is top-tier, coming in at around £450 but it is a superb example of a flagship Samsung smartphone.

HTC Desire X

We’ll return to another Samsung later, but now onto the HTC Desire X.

The Desire X collects all of the best of HTC in one phone. The music technology utilised produces a fantastic entertainment phone for those who love to listen to music on their device. They use BeatsAudio technology to deliver deep and rich sound that is a joy to experience. The 5 megapixel camera is better than its specifications sound, producing amazing pictures. The 1GHz dual core processor is fast enough to create a seamless flowing journey around the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

The second Samsung on our list is the Samsung Galaxy Note II. This is a massive phone with a 5.5-inch high definition Super AMOLED screen. It provides a fantastic experience when watching movies, Youtube, and looking at your pictures. At extreme angles, it is superb, so showing your pictures to your friends in a group won’t be a problem. It has an S Pen for note taking that provides a very good level of accuracy and the screen is big enough to enjoy this stylus. The phone uses a Quad Core 1.6GHz processor so being able to complete multiple activities at once is not a problem. Much like the Samsung Galaxy S3, it has an 8 megapixel camera that does a fantastic job of producing crisp and vibrant photos. The phone pushes the boundaries of phone and tablet and is a one heck of a device for both business and social use.

HTC OneXPlus

The final device on our list is the HTC OneX Plus. This is the enhancement of the OneX and provides more features and more power. The Quad Core processor is 1.7GHz and is an upgrade on the OneX. The 64 gigabytes of storage is ample for even the most media hungry users and is more than many laptops provide. The picture quality in the screen is incredible and web browsing is an enjoyable and simple experience. The sound matches the visual experience providing deep and clear audio. This phone is really good for gaming, videos, browsing, and just about anything else; a terrific all-rounder that is a favourite of many.

So there you have it… my top pick phones – two of them Samsung, two of them HTC. With many new phones entering the market in the beginning of 2013 and onwards, there is stiff competition between manufacturers and it is a really tough task to improve no these.

Phil Turner is always being asked to look out for good phones at bargain prices. Sadly the best phones always have premium prices.

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