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Published on February 9th, 2013 | by Keira Rose


Tricks to Have Multi-Display in Windows 8 OS

Time is very short these days and so when you sit for some work, you to reap the maximum benefit from it. You always search for some tool or tips that can help you boost your performance and productivity without costing you much. Doing work without computers is something that cannot be though at the present time. So, while using the PC system for some purposeful work, you should use the ‘multiple displays’ feature.

With multiple displays your productivity will increase at a rapid pace. Suppose you are doing some official but feeling bored of it after sometime. Multiple displays can provide you a break here. You can do your official task in one display and chat or send mails or browse the internet in another. The dual display will not make your feel bore and at the same time enable you to complete it at a faster rate.

Windows 8 moves ahead of just simply supporting multiple displays; it raised the bar of this dual display. Setup a second display and Windows 8 apps will let you use it to the fullest.

Different Windows 8 Aspects Supporting Multiple Displays

Images and Slideshow

This is one great tool that lets you to have separate background for separate displays. Your only task will be to make the selection of multiple images. Slideshow will automatically illustrate distinct images on distinct display. Windows 8 is a bit improved – do you know how? It presents you the aspect resolution and ratio when you use multiple aspect ratios.

Inside Edge Detection

In respect to edge detection, you can enjoy limited service with Windows 7 on only one display. One the other hand, edge detection in multiple displays treats your whole display as a single monitor. As you can understand this edge detection with Windows 8 OS is an innovative one. For edge detection of the inner corners, you have to be in that small zone.

Taskbar Customization

Windows 8 gives you separate taskbars on the different monitors you use. Your default taskbar will appear as pinned icons in each of the display. You can navigate two more alternatives. For this you have to right click taskbar > select Properties. Like Windows 7, you can set one taskbar for primary monitor only.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Manage all the apps in Windows 8 with a pair of keyboard shortcuts on multi-display. You can also get keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7 to have the facility of multiple displays.


How about blending desktop apps with that of Windows 8 applications? Microsoft is in search for the same. This is one reason that can hinder you smooth experience of multiple monitor displays if you are using the older varieties of desktop apps with Windows 8 apps. However, when you run multi-display support together with desktop apps, you will certainly forget about the inconsistencies. It is much more flexible and smooth than Windows 7.

Try out these new tricks! You will definitely have an impressive multi-monitor display with Windows 8 as your operating system.

Keith Lopez searches for the best windows operating system support for using multiple displays in Windows 8 OS. He is a creative professional and needs to use multiple displays for his work.


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