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Published on February 21st, 2013 | by Guest Writer


A Windows-Android Battle -The Nokia Lumia 920 vs. The LG Spectrum

A few years ago a Windows-Android battle would have been unthinkable. The Windows operating system used to be a clunky, hard to use system that hardly anyone bought, let alone used. But with the new Nokia Lumia line of phones, and the new Windows 8 version of the operating system, Windows has become sleeker and better, which is why it may be a worthy competitor to Android. We decided to see if Windows really could hold up, so we put the Nokia Lumia 920 up against the LG Spectrum, to see exactly how they compared. These phones are marketed to a similar niche and retail for similar prices with most mobile operators, so it should be an interesting competition… Read on to find out which of these phones was the winner…

Why You Need a Nokia Lumia 920…

A few things about the Lumia impressed us. Firstly, there’s the amount of internal storage that you get. The Lumia comes with 32 GB of storage, compared to a mere 4 GB on the Spectrum. That’s a massive eight times more music, photos, data and games that can be stored on your device, which is a pretty big difference. The screen quality is also better, with the screen having a ten per cent higher resolution, making for a picture that’s a little brighter and more colourful than the display of the Spectrum. The camera is superior, since the Nokia is equipped with an 8.7 MP cam whereas the Spectrum comes with an 8 MP device. This makes for better quality photos with more fine detail. Finally, the battery power on the Lumia was far better. The Nokia averages twenty per cent more talk time and ten per cent more stand by time per battery charge cycle, meaning you need to charge your phone much less often. All in all, it looks pretty good.

Why You Need an LG Spectrum…

The two main things we like about the Spectrum are characteristics of it being an Android phone. You’re immediately connected to the Android App Market, making downloading and installing new programmes and games easy and convenient. Also, an Android phone can run multiple applications simultaneously, allowing you to talk on Skype and read the news on the internet at the same time, for instance. A Windows phone just can’t do this. Other than that, the only serious advantage of the Spectrum is that it’s lighter than the Nokia. It weighs in at 141 g as opposed to 185 g on the Nokia, making it just a little more portable.

So Can Windows Compete?

Absolutely. The Nokia Lumia 920 definitely won this round. The increased storage, better camera and better screen quality gave it the edge. And the great battery was just an added bonus. We do like the Android operating system, and it is still generally easier to use than the Windows one, but the Nokia Lumia 920 is such a great phone that we don’t really mind that it’s not Android.

Phil Turner  has been pleasantly surprised by the quality and features of the cheap phones he has come across in his research

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