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Published on February 11th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Working On The Move – Some Of The Best Mobile Apps

It is now more possible than ever to use your phone on the go and stay productive. The influx of smartphone applications over recent years has meant just about every business function, requirement and activity is catered for by an app. Life has been made simpler and the business journey more fluid by time saving and process enhancing software that is available in a swipe of the index finger.

Ever phone is a personal thing. The apps required by one person are not the same as those for another. My Mum’s phone is dominated by feeds from the facebook and twitter accounts from her kids. Knowing what is going on in our lives is her priority. For a business user the priorities are obviously very different.

Here is a very brief look at some of the most useful business apps out there; Expensify, Flighttrack, Print Direct, Upvise, Hailo, Drive Safely.LY and Dragon Dictation.



Expensify is a great app that allows business users to log their mileage, post travel reports and upload receipts by snapping them with the camera. It does everything required to track, log and prove your mileage claims in a hassle-free process. No more 2 month-backlogs of mileage claims to sift through and try and get from the boss.


This app is designed for frequent flyers and provides information on departure times, gates, reservations and a lot more. Good to pop on the front screen if you are a jet setter.

Print Direct

This intelligent app makes printing on just about any wireless printer in the vicinity a simple task. It eliminates the need to download and install printer software and makes it easy to wirelessly link up, communicate and print in minutes.


This great time saver can hail a licensed London cab, provide journey time estimates and can even help you pay by card. A must for all those that often find themselves stood on street corners in London.


This application can read emails and text messages aloud, preventing the need for rivers to take their eyes off the road. It can even respond automatically with the need to pick up the phone.

Dragon Dictation

This software is great for those that want to talk-type. It is like having a typist by your side all the time. It takes a bit of training to get the software familiar with your voice and talking style bit can be a great tool, especially when driving.


These are just a few of the great applications that business users find useful. It is a great idea to invest a bit of time in selecting applications that are appropriate to your business life, and then getting them on the front screen of your phone. Having these great time-savers available can reduce stress, increase productivity and make like that little bit better.

Phil Turner has a couple of Three mobile phones in his family and is well-satisfied with their service.

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